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CTS - Cuttings Transportation System

Limited footprint, limitless drilling opportunities

The CTS Cuttings Transportation System is based on proven technology used in the offshore market for more than a decade. The system has been used on 400 wells to date. It was developed to transport cuttings away from the well area during top-hole drilling on semi-submersible rigs and during clean-up operations on the seabed. This will have a major impact on the viability of drilling operations, especially in environmentally sensitive areas.

The modular design of the CTS enables easy installation on most rig types. It is designed to run for long periods of time without maintenance and be able to pump large particles without blockages occurring. The pump was designed to run underwater with discharge occurring 2km (1.2 miles) away.

The benefits of using this system include cost savings to the operator by removing the need for a supply vessel, keeping templates cutting free - saving time when it comes to laying pipes and tying in umbilicals - and, of course, it can be used in environmentally sensitive areas as little or no footprint is created on the seabed.


Video presentation

See how the CTS Cuttings Transportation System works in this video.

CTS from Enhanced Drilling on Vimeo.


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