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EC-Monitor™ early kick and loss detection

improved volume control, constant dynamic flow checking, as well as early kick and loss detection that is not affected by heave.

What Is EC-Monitor™

EC-Monitor™ is the latest addition to Enhanced Drilling's service portfolio. It builds on methodology and experience regarding accurate volume control gained from more than 500 RMR® and EC-Drill® operations over the past 20 years. Developed together with partner Transocean, the EC-Monitor™ system eliminates the external effects of rig and slip-joint motion, to give a highly accurate return volume flow measurement enabling rapid detection of flow anomalies, resulting in reduced time spent on flow-checking.

EC-Monitor™ is in principle an inline trip-tank placed above the telescopic-joint that is sized to absorb the volume fluctuations caused by the telescopic joint motion. By use of a few simple sensors the return flow fluctuations caused by the telescopic joint are measured and compensated for by the EC-Monitor™ system. A centrifugal pump transfers the mud from the inline trip-tank to the flowline, ensuring that all lines in the EC-Monitor™ system are full at all times which removes any effect of vessel motion. Using advanced algorithms, sensor noise and process disturbances are filtered out.

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Where Do You Apply EC-Monitor™ Technology

Deepwater and Ultra Deepwater Drilling

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Managed Pressure Cementing

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Managed Pressure Drilling

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The EC-Monitor™ visualisation tool.


What EC-Monitor™ Can Do For You

  • Eliminates effect of rig motion
  • Continuous flow monitoring during all well stages
  • Accurately show stability
  • Barrel in versus barrel out measurement
  • Quickly alerting user and systems to kick and loss events
  • Tighter alarm parameters remove the need for human interpretation
  • Reduces drillers cognitive load
  • Time saving
  • Step towards automated well control

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Watch How The EC-Monitor™ Technology Works

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Case Studies


EC-Drill® - Instant kick detection in GoM

Learn how a multi-national operator recently used EC-Drill®’s instant kick detection service to complement and enhance conventional kick detection methods during deep-water exploratory drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.



EC-Drill® benefits displayed on Shah Deniz

Learn how BP drilled a top-hole section on the Caspian’s Shah Deniz field through hazardous formations in terms of shallow water/gas flow from a fixed platform usin EC-Drill technology®



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