EC-Monitor early kick and loss detection

improved volume control, constant dynamic flow checking, as well as early kick and loss detection that is not affected by heave.

What Is EC-Monitor

EC-Monitor is the latest addition to Enhanced Drilling's service portfolio. It builds on methodology and experience regarding accurate volume control gained from more than 500 RMR® and EC-Drill® operations over the past 20 years. Together with partner Transocean, the EC-Monitor system eliminates the external effects of rig and slip-joint motion, to give a highly accurate return volume flow measurement enabling rapid detection of flow anomalies, resulting in reduced time spent on flow-checking.

EC-Monitor is in principle an inline trip-tank placed above the telescopic-joint that is sized to absorb the volume fluctuations caused by the telescopic joint motion. By use of a few simple sensors the return flow fluctuations caused by the telescopic joint are measured and compensated for by the EC-Monitor system. A centrifugal pump transfers the mud from the inline trip-tank to the flowline, ensuring that all lines in the EC-Monitor system are full at all times which removes any effect of vessel motion. Using advanced algorithms, sensor noise and process disturbances are filtered out.

Where Do You Apply EC-Monitor Technology

Deepwater and Ultra Deepwater Drilling

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Managed Pressure Cementing

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Managed Pressure Drilling

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What EC-Monitor Can Do For You

  • Eliminates effect of rig motion
  • Continuous flow monitoring during all well stages
  • Accurately show stability
  • Barrel in versus barrel out measurement
  • Quickly alerting user and systems to kick and loss events
  • Tighter alarm parameters remove the need for human interpretation
  • Reduces drillers cognitive load
  • Time saving
  • Step towards automated well control

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How EC-Monitor Works

As EC-Monitor can be described as an inline trip tank, where a flow spool is placed directly below the diverter housing, fluid returns enter the flow spool and are pumped out by a variable speed driven pump skid and back to the fluid return line.
The flow spool is placed directly in the riser string above the telescopic joint. The volume changes associated with heave are absorbed within the flow-spool and accounted for in the EC-Monitor software.

This allows for continuous true volume in versus volume out comparison, allowing dynamic and continuous flow monitoring during all well stages to accurately show well stability, quickly alerting to the driller to kick and loss events.

With external influences eliminated reducing false indications, tighter alarm parameters can be used removing the need for human interpretation and reducing drillers cognitive load - a key step towards automated well control.

Early and accurate kick detection limits influx size reducing time to remedy, the likelihood of formation damage as well as improving process safety.

Watch How The EC-Monitor Technology Works

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