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Where Our Systems Add Value

Enhanced Drilling is a provider of specialist drilling technology and services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Our products and services cover all parts of the well from Cuttings transport on seabed or back to the drilling vessel, to pressure management during drilling and cementing with our MPD/MPC® systems.

Our unique pump technology helps clients around the world solve challenges on all types of subsea wells, from the top-hole and all the way down to the reservoir.

The systems are built with a flexible mindset and are adaptable to all types of drilling vessels. Enhanced Drilling’s services offer a range of benefits to safety, cost and efficiency on our clients wells.




EC-Drill® Dual MPD - combining SBP and CML

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RMR® - Riserless Mud Recovery

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EC Drill-2

EC-Drill® Managed Pressure Drilling

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MPC® - Managed Pressure Cementing

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CTS - Cuttings Transportation System

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Track Record

Our track record in the field is extensive, with over 1000 wells surpassed for our RMR® and CTS technologies. Around the world, Enhanced Drilling's solutions have been enabling some of the most respected operators in the industry to drill with confidence, create new drilling opportunities and to stay on schedule - cost effectively.

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Track record

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What to Expect When Working With Us

1. Well Evaluation

After the first contact has been made, Enhanced Drilling will send out an “Well information datasheet” in order to gather all necessary information about the well. We use this information to ensure that the right system and tools are put together for the client needs.

For EC Drill project, Enhanced Drilling can also do a preliminary well evaluation using licensed software to evaluate what benefits can be achieved by utilizing the system.

2. Rig Visit

In order to ensure a seamless installation of the system, we perform a site survey of the rig. The survey is documented by a report and shared with the client.

Enhanced Drilling has been mobilized to most rigs in Europe, and in cases where it is less than six months since the last mobilization, a physical survey might not be necessary.

3. Project Planning / Documentation

When all data has been collected and evaluated, Enhanced Drilling appoint a project team lead by the Project Manager. We will now start to plan the job together with you as a customer.

The planning includes participating in DWOP meetings, testing and packing the equipment, making detailed operations procedures, and engineering.

Enhanced Drilling has an inhouse engineering department with multidiscipline capacity including design engineering and drilling engineers.

4. Shipment and Installation

When the equipment is tested and packing is completed, it is sent to the Company’s dedicated supply base for mobilization on the rig. Shortly after, the offshore team of 4 is also mobilized to start installing the system.

After the system is installed on the rig, we do a commissioning before we are ready for operation.

5. Post Job Report

After the job is completed, the Project Manager compiles and delivers a post job report where the job is evaluated and measured to assess how well the success criteria for the job have been met. We go through all aspects of the well where we have been involved, and fully contribute to all after-action processes.

We complete the job by inviting the client to rate the performance of our job from start to finish by sending out a one-page grading sheet covering all phases of the job.



All of our projects are unique and adapted to our clients needs. In order to be as accurate as possible in the pricing, we therefore rely on a few parameters before we can provide a robust pricing model for your project.

Typical required information prior to pricing a job is:

For all services:

  • Full understanding of client objective
  • Duration of project
  • Wellhead system
  • Drilling vessel
  • Drilling parameters (muddweight, waterdepth and ROP)
Addition for EC-Drill®:
  • Riser system
  • Pore/frack curves
  • Well trajectory
  • Casing program (planned)



Pricing model

When you receive a quote from Enhanced Drilling it will typically consist of Lump Sums and day rates combined. We can adapt the model to whatever suits the client best as long as the required information is received.

Our pricing model includes the following:

  • Project planning with dedicated project team
  • Onshore mobilization and testing
  • Engineering
  • 3rd party materials / production
  • On-Site Commissioning
  • Service charge
  • Demobilization and receipt control


Let us assess your well data

Would you like to know more about how our technology and services can provide value to your drilling operations. Fill out the Well information Data Sheet and upload it in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 


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