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EC-Drill® - Discover MPD rig integration made easy

Available on demand

In this webinar, you will learn from our EC-Drill® projects to date, showing how to make a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) EC-Drill® ready.

Subjects covered includes:

  • Discover how EC-Drill® enables you to bypass MPD challenges such as integration complexity, expense, intrusiveness; critical path time required to integrate EC-Drill® into a MODU.
  • Rig owner requirements including: Low Pressure Mud System modifications, Moonpool scope, Driller’s Cabin scope, Riser modifications, Utilities and Data Communication management.
  • Optimising the integration experience – discover Enhanced Drilling’s Continual Improvement Practices and Initiatives to further reduce Rig Owner requirements and Operator cost.

The presenter is Robert Baten, PE, Engineering Manager, Enhanced Drilling. Robert is based in Houston, Texas and has 22 years of oilfield experience. He is a University of Houston graduate with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

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