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EC-Drill® - Discover MPD rig integration made easy

Available on demand

In this webinar, you will learn from case histories taken from our EC‑Drill® global operations, covering the following:

  • Instant Kick Detection™
  • Cementing without losses
  • Eliminating mud losses 
  • Salt Exit in GoM and unknown pressure regimes
  • Tripping and running casing faster and avoiding losses
  • Curing losses while drilling through faults and fractures
  • Navigating narrow drilling windows 

We will also cover additional advantages gained from planning your next well with EC-Drill®, including:

  • Drilling in depleted reservoirs and extending field life
  • Simplifying your casing design and reducing number of strings
  • Drilling even longer Extended Reached wells and increasing the pay zone
This is the second in a series of three MPD-focused webinars from Enhanced Drilling. 

The presenter is Eric Claudey, Senior Drilling Engineer, Enhanced Drilling. Eric is based in Straume, Norway and has 15 years of oilfield experience. He is a Lousiana State University graduate with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

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