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RMR® - Riserless Mud Recovery

Safer, faster, cleaner top-hole drilling.

The RMR® Riserless Mud Recovery system is a risk-reduction tool that enables the drilling of a better quality, more stable top-hole safely, quickly and with less environmental impact. This Dual Gradient Drilling system is an innovative way to return mud and cuttings to the rig before the marine riser is run, without discharge to the seabed. With RMR® there is no 'Pump & Dump'.

Thanks to its closed-loop design, engineered fluids can be used on the top-hole section and recycled - which makes sense safety-wise, environmentally and financially.

You can rely on our experience - RMR® has been used on more than 350 wells to date all over the world for a decade and a half. Using the system, an operator eliminated a 20" casing and successfully set 13 5/8" surface casing down to more than 2,350m (7,710ft). The system has been deployed from shallow waters down to more than 1,400 m (4,600 ft) in deep water application.

What RMR® can do for you

  • Primary well control before BOP/riser installed
  • Ability to check for shallow-hazard influx without a pilot hole
  • Improved hole stability
  • Deeper surface casing
  • Fewer casing strings 
  • Top-hole mud-log data and cuttings
  • No cement top-up jobs required
  • Zero discharge at seabed

Safety advantages

  • Safe identification of gas
  • Better conductor/Xmas Tree stability
  • Mud volume control in surface hole
  • Fast gain/loss indication
  • Real-time visual monitoring of the well
  • No smothering of seabed by cuttings
  • Lower risk of undermining well/template

Video presentation

See how the RMR® Riserless Mud Recovery system works in this video.

RMR® from Enhanced Drilling on Vimeo.


RMR® Case Studies

Case Study 1 - BP , Caspian Sea
Case Study 2 - CNR UK North Sea
Case Study 3 - BP, Sakhalin Island
Case Study 4 - BP Egypt
Case Study 5 - INPEX, Browse Basin
Case Study 6 - US Gulf of Mexico

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