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MPC - Managed Pressure Cementing

Safe isolation through innovation.

The MPC Managed Pressure Cementing system provides safe isolation of problematic zones - cost effectively - even in challenging narrow pressure window scenarios. The system provides precise control of the pressure and flow of returning cement. Constant pressure can be achieved at weak zones, preventing losses to the formation. Gas and shallow water hazards are simply yet effectively kept at bay.

MPC is a safety-enhancing system. In the case of a loss or influx, rapid action can be taken to prevent a situation from escalating. Any gain or loss can be rectified both quickly and easily. The system, which is the perfect partner to RMR®, can use conventional cement rather than costly foam or nitrified variants yet still achieve effective isolation. 

MPC offers the following safety advantages when it comes to ensuring that a cement job is both in place and can be depended on:

  • The ability to verify cement at surface
  • It enables the monitoring of pressure during set-up
  • Pressure can be applied to verify that the barrier is in place.

Video presentation

See how the MPC Managed Pressure Cementing works in this video.

MPC video from Enhanced Drilling on Vimeo.


MPC Case Studies

Case Study 1 - BP, Caspian Sea
Case Study 2 - BP, Caspian Sea

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