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EC-Drill® Managed Pressure Drilling system

'Simply take control'.

EC-Drill® is a Controlled Mud Level (CML) system that enables operators to 'drill the undrillable' well. It solves a long-standing challenge commonly encountered in many deep-water wells: drilling within a narrow pressure window. With traditional techniques, the slightest excess or lack of wellbore pressure while operating in a narrow pressure window can mean the difference between success or failure: too much pressure and the formation will fracture; not enough will lead to hole instability and increase the chances of influx. 

More control
EC-Drill® offers more control in this kind of scenario, enhancing safety and enabling operators to hit deep targets that are simply impractical to reach with traditional techniques.

What EC-Drill® can do for you

  • Enables deep-water drilling to continue uninterrupted for longer periods
  • Reduces ECD effect
  • Maintains a near-constant BHP
  • Improved pressure manipulation enables effective drilling of depleted reservoirs and narrow pressure windows
  • May also aid in the drilling of HPHT wells as BHP can be maintained just below fracture pressure
  • Flexibility: option to switch to conventional drilling at any time.

The EC-Drill® technology

Learn more about the EC‑Drill® technology through this interactive model (requires Flash).

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Frequently Asked Questions

EC-Drill® Webinar series

EC-Drill® Capability Document

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EC-Drill® Case Studies

EC-Drill - Instant kick detection in GoM
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Video presentation

See how the EC-Drill® Managed Pressure Drilling system works in this video.

EC-Drill® Video from Enhanced Drilling on Vimeo.


Direct inquiries regarding EC-Drill® can be sent to: solutions[at]

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