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Join our live EC-Drill® session - 16th December 2020

Session now completed, however another session is planned shortly. Date and time will be published once confirmed.

Join our live EC-Drill® Controlled Mud Level technology session on Wednesday 16th December at 10.00 UTC+1.

This session will include representatives from two of our clients, Lundin and Equinor, who will showcase how EC-Drill® technology has been used successfully.

The session will focus on:

  • Navigation through narrow pressure windows
  • Influx detection and mitigation
  • Loss circulation management
  • Constant bottom hole pressure
  • Freeing differentially stuck tools
  • Managed Pressure Cementing
  • Managed Pressure Gravel Packing
  • Efficient well planning and design
  • Operation of EC-Drill

The following video animation published on Enhanced Drilling's YouTube channel gives an introduction to the EC-Drill® technology:

Press contact

All media inquiries should be directed to VP Sales Bernt Eikemo.

Mobile: +47 977 27 760



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