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Environmentally sensitive areas such as coral formations are potential show-stoppers; environmental regulations have, understandably, become increasingly stringent over the years. So how do you achieve your goals while maintaining exemplary environmental standards? The CTS Cuttings Transport System has been used on more than 500 wells worldwide to date and can take cuttings up to 2km (1.2miles) from areas deemed to be environmentally sensitive. The system has little or no footprint. The RMR® Riserless Mud Recovery system, used on 350 wells for over fifteen years, enables the use of engineered drilling fluids in the top-hole of the well with no discharge to the seabed. With RMR® there is no ‘Pump and Dump’. 


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Find out more about CTS and how it can open up new drilling opportunities, or how RMR® is helping bring the time of 'Pump & Dump' to a close.

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