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Time/cost are of course related – we understand that you want to save both but never compromise safety and results. All of our solutions offer significant time/cost benefits yet keep safety to the fore.

The CTS Cuttings Transportation System will keep your template area free of debris, making sure that later procedures go smoothly and swiftly and your project stays on schedule.

The RMR® Riserless Mud Recovery system can reduce the number of casing strings required. No pilot hole is needed, typically saving 1.25 – 1.5 rig days. By using RMR®, one operator eliminated a 20” casing and successfully set 13 5/8” surface casing down to more than 2,350m (7,710ft).

With the MPC Managed Pressure Cementing system, a dependable cement job can be achieved without costly foam or nitrified cements.

Meanwhile EC-Drill® manipulates bottom-hole pressure without swapping out the mud in the riser – you can change the mud level in minutes, not the mud weight in hours.


Introduction & Capability

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